Monday, July 23, 2007

My Family in Argentina

This past week I've been talking to my family in Argentina for the first time. I found out last wednesday that I have three brothers and a sister. My youngest brother is Fermin (fair-mean) and he is 9 years old. Santiago (sahn-tee-ah-go) is 16. My "twin" sister is Maju (mah-hoo) and she's 18 as well! she's going to California next year with exchange, so I am essentially taking her place. My older brother is Martin (mar-teen) and he is 19 and in university. He's studying to be an engineer. My father is a ranch owner and my mother is a chef! I've been talking to Maju primarily, but also to Martin and Santiago. Today I talked to my mom for the first time! She seems really nice and says that everyone's really excited for me to come -- including my classmates at school! Apparently they know I'm coming. I'm going to the Instituto San Agustin, and studying in the curso humanidades. I'm going to have a bunch of classes, including language, literature, geography, acounting, history, ENGLISH, and a bunch more i can't remember. Below I've posted some photos of my family!

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