Saturday, July 21, 2007

CSRYE conference -- Part 2

This is just a continued post from the first one. posting pictures isn't super easy so i decided to split it up!

So after a cup o
f hot mate, we went to a meeting with our country correspondent for argentina. i learned a little about argentina and my area. After that, we had a meeting with all of the outbounds and the travel agents. looks like i won't be getting my visas for a while :( afterwards, the weather cleared up and we were able to have a great time at that brasil vs. the world soccer game! below, you'll see some photos of some fans.

in the end, THE WORLD WAS VICTORIOUS. and there was much celebrating among the nations. literally. we went back to our dorms and chilled for a bit, then went to the variety show. there was a lot of really great talent! the thing that impressed me the most -- and forgive me if i sound lame -- was the respect all of the audience showed the performers. no one talked through the whole thing, no one made obscene noises. it was really cool, considering there are few times when 700 teenagers can do something like that. it kind of struck me that that's what being an exchange student is about... being respectful to others and what's really important to them.

THEN we headed out to the dance. the music selection significantly improved the second night, so that made it a lot more fun! Afterwards, our district went downstairs and joined another district's party and had a grand ole' time. it was a weird environment though: the rebounds were depressed to be home, the inbounds were devastated to be leaving, and the outbounds were ridiculously excited. i got to hang out with my new rebound buddies again and attempt to learn truco (euchre gone shady), but my brain was too tired for that kind of work. so i just sat around and said goodbye to the outbounds and watched andrew tie things to his earrings.

the next morning was a sad one: lots of goodbyes and good lucks. i fell asleep soundly on the way home to make up for my serious sleep debt i built up over the weekend, and immediately came home and started to research what i found out on friday.... that next year i'm going to be living in the Ciudad de Nueve de Julio, in the Pcia. Buenos Aires, in the great pais de ARGENTINA! more on that and my family later! below you'll see mariana (IB arg), case (OB denmark) joe (rb south africa) melissa (ob italy), myself, and eduardo (IB Brasil).

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