Friday, September 28, 2007

one month and a bit :)

Well, I never ended up writing that post about Buenos Aires. My excuse is that I wrote captions for almost 100 fotos from the trip, and if each photo speaks a thousand words, that´d be a longgg blog post :)

I can probably tell you the most about my life here in Argentina by telling you about a typical day for me. It´s a lot harder to upload pictures from this computer than I thought, so i´m sorry for the lack of visuals.

I got up just before 7 am and got dressed. My uniform is a light blue polo, a navy blue sweater, jeans, and black leather shoes. my dad usually makes me breakfast and takes me to school with my brother. Below, you´ll see me, agostina, memo, and vir hanging out during class.

From with friends

I took my first math test since junior year of high school during first period. I don´t really do anything for credit here, but for me taking a math test is better than sitting there doing nothing while everyone else suffers through it. Also the math that we are learning is Algebra 2 which I sort of remember...

Between each period is recreo (ray-cray-oh). It is ten minutes of free time during which everyone goes outside and hangs out. My school is pretty big : there are maybe 75 kids in my grade and it is a k-12 school. durning recreo you also have the opportunity to buy some snacks to tie you over since school ends before lunch, so i always buy a jamón y queso (ham and cheese) sandwich for the equivalent of forty cents. and they are delicious!

From with friends

Above you can see some of my compañernos (cohm-pahn-yer-ohs -- classmates) and I hanging out during recreo. After recreo I had catequesis. At first I barely understood anything at school, but it is definitely improving now. I can understand almost everything if I pay attention, but it is really hard for me to focus all the time because it exhausts me. After catequesis, we had another recreo and then Lengua. The book the class is reading is too hard for me, so I´m reading another book that it seems that everyone´s read and is really good. It´s about drug abuse or something... i´m only 9 pages into it haha. After lengua, we had psycology, and then we got out of school at noon.

From with friends

In the photo above you can see pretty well our classroom. I stay with the same 38 kids all day long and the teachers move around. We also move around our desks and chairs to wherever we want and kind of just hang out most of the time. There really is no academic integrity : everyone copies other people´s work. Basically school is just wayyy informal. Every couple days the preceptora (kind of like a secretary) comes in and tells us when we get to get out of school early. This week we got out early today and Monday too. Last week, monday and tuesday, the week before monday, thursday, and friday. School starts at 7 am on tuesday and thursday and 7.30 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I´ve been going to school for four weeks and I haven´t gone to a complete week yet.

After school I usually hang out with my friends and drink maté or walk around. I´m slowing starting to have a mental map of my town, but i´m not quite there yet. One thing about 9 de julio that i absolutely love is the park. It is gorgeous! I go there with my mom to walk or with some buds to drink maté.

From primaveraaaa

From primaveraaaa

As far as events or things that I´ve done so far go, I´ve been relatively busy.

To summarize:

2nd week -- started school. got a cell phone. hung out with loads of friends.

3rd week -- went to go visit a girl who is from wyoming in a town that is about an hour away. got sick!

4th week -- got sicker! went to the doctor. since it was La Semana de Primavera, there was a dance every day. i was sick so i only went to one :(

aaand my friends just showed up to go drive around in a rusty old citroen so i´ll finish this up later :)

chau for now!

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